Legal Advisor

Mohammed AlMatrouk

Mohammed AlMatrouk serves as Chairman at the Jadeite Group®. In addition to his work at Jadeite, Mohammed is a business partner at AlSaif & AlAbduljader, a Law Firm known for its work handling civil and commercial lawsuits. He is also an owner and lawyer at AlMatrouk Law Firm, where he handles civil and commercial lawsuits and trusts. He has served as an official local Arbitrator & Conciliator since 2015, approved by the Kuwait Commercial Arbitration Center; as an official Receivership at the Superior Court of Kuwait since 2011; and as a member at the Kuwait Bar Association since 2004. Mohammed is an active board member at ORO Real Estate Group USA, a company that manages short-term rentals in Orange County, California. He is Chief Executive Officer & partner at ORO Realty Group in Kuwait; investing in stocks, property management, and property acquisitions. Additionally, Mohammed serves as board member & partner at Makers Inc.; a company specializing in imports, exports, and the distribution of Texas Instruments in Kuwait. He is also a partner at Grand Expo, a company that manages exhibitions. Previously, Mohammed served as chairman at the Human Rights Committee – Kuwaiti Lawyers Association; as chairman at Economic Affairs Committee – Kuwaiti Lawyers Association. Mohammed received his degree in law from Kuwait University in 2004.